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Ursus Grande Services
For project estimates, contact Ursus Grande Services.    No project is too large or too small.

Our goal is to make your life less complicated through technology.  We handle large and small projects, from corporate and government projects to small personal projects.  Our team of expert hardware, software and systems engineers can deliver solutions - on time and within budget.  Our expertise includes geointelligence, network security, process control, robotics, surveillance, target acquisition, telecommunications, weapons systems and more.  All of our development is done locally, here in the United States of America, by U.S. citizens.  Our projects have spanned the technology sector, including large systems for manufacturing optical fiber, robotic weapons systems, navigation systems, automated test systems for microelectronics, down to simple web sites for personal use.

We can handle all your custom software and IT needs, from small microcode controllers to large-scale embedded real-time systems, and much more.

If you need/want to make your computer a more secure device, we have posted a free guide for you.  Included is a downloadable PDF you can print and use as a reference.
Basic Computer Security     (for Windows™ 7, but applies to Vista & XP also)

NOTE that we are  currently accepting contracts for  software development where all work  is done on site at our own facility.   We host State-of-the-Art multi-platform development systems, including fully automated on-and-off-site secured backups, and robust on-site emergency power systems.
This local  “on-site-only”  policy is effective through  August 2017 — possibly longer.
  • Embedded Real-Time Systems
  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Image Processing Systems
  • Geointelligence Systems
  • E-mail Security Services; anti-Phish, anti-Spam, more
  • Network Security Services; Honeypots, Firewalls, IDS/IPS
  • Digital Arts services, including multi-media CV, more
  • Humanitarian, Philanthropic Projects and Services
  • Research and Technical Writing
  • Web-based Photo Sharing

  • New!
  • Web Site Development

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    Help for the Do-it-Yourselfer . . .
    For those who prefer to  do their own work,  regardless of their reasons, we offer a list of links to various helpful resources on the internet, in our Developer's Guide.

    Unrelated to our software development, we like to support "all things Ursus".
    Below are some links for your enjoyment . . .
      Polar Bears International
      University of Michigan
      The Evolution of Bears
      Life History Notes:  Black Bear  (Ursus americanus)
      The Ursidae Family
      The Chicago Bears

    We support amateur photographers from time to time . . .
      Photographic Images by David
      Photographic Images by Maria     Images from Italy and Switzerland
      Photographic Images by Steve    HD (1920 x 1080) images are here


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